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Are you looking for a DISCOUNT real estate brokerage where you'll SAVE THOUSANDS in commission? At Red Triangle Realty, you get FULL real estate service at a huge discount without giving anything up and without having to do anything yourself. Heck, we even include 3D Virtual Tours standard!

Our Team

Discount on price, but not on service. Meet our team!

Most full-commission real estate agents will say things like "You get what you pay for", but in today's world we need to supplement that statement by also acknowledging that often times people overpay for things that need not be as expensive. Please see for yourself why our team is made up of top notch professionals that have the expertise and track record to deliver top level service while saving you thousands...


Ethan Marchand


Prior to becoming a real estate broker and opening Red Triangle Realty, Ethan worked at several brokerages over the years. Just before starting Red Triangle Realty, he had established himself in the top 1% of the largest real estate brokerage in Edmonton. Ethan holds a mortgage broker licence and has a thorough understanding of financing and the overall approval process. Add to this a substantial background in residential construction and you can see why Ethan can answer most any question you may have.



Dan Royer


Prior to incorporating Red Triangle Realty, Dan ran a successful custom home building company with a reputation for building quality homes. Dan's background touches on all aspects of residential real estate from sales, marketing, construction and customer service. He has an in-depth knowledge and comprehensive understanding of structural and architectural design as well as a huge resource of reliable trades with answers to pretty much any question or concern you might have.



Brittany Heinrichs

DLC Maximal Mortgages - Mortgage Associate

Buying a home can be stressful, complicated, and overwhelming. I know how big of a decision it is so I start with understanding and respecting your needs first. I will help you navigate the unexpected and avoid the hidden costs that can come with obtaining a mortgage on your own.



Ajdin Susa


With over eleven years of real estate experience, Ajdin comes with an abundance of knowledge and has sold over $50 million of real estate in his career. Ajdin is a caring and personal agent, he loves what he does and he has a proven track record. His love for sales has given him many opportunities to grow his business and expand his network working with clients Canada wide. Ajdin is a fantastic negotiator, detail oriented, extremely versatile and he can help you sell your home and guide you to your next adventure.


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