Have you already found a few homes on the internet you want to visit?
Are you needing some help finding a home that meets your budget and search criteria?
Do you already have a property in mind but you want help getting the best possible price?

If you are considering purchasing a home, please have a quick read here to see why our team is your very best option...

What Makes Us Different?

We Won't Annoy You!

Do you like telemarketers? Neither do we. How often have you heard of agents that never stop bugging someone after they've made contact?

When you connect with our agents, your time, space and privacy will be respected. We will only ever contact you if you've specifically requested us to do so.

We Know Mortgages!

Ethan Marchand, the broker and owner of Red Triangle Realty, also holds a mortgage broker license and is ready, willing and able to answer all of your questions regarding pre-approval, mortgage rates and even unique financing options.

We Know Construction!

Both owners of Red Triangle Realty have an extensive history in residential construction. Our agents are knowledgeable in identifying homes where quality construction practices have been applied.

We Like Poker!

Negotiations are not a science... They are an absolute art. We enjoy the negotiation process and we are very good at it. Like a good poker player, we utilize effective techniques and understand the psychology involved in making a deal come together.

We Answer Your Calls & Texts!

In a world where robots, computers and automated attendants are becoming more and more prevalent, what do you want and appreciate most from a human? In many cases it's availability right? When you call, text or email us, it is our goal to answer immediately or reply within minutes. Our advertised hours of operation are 8 am until we faint and we mean it!

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