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Have you ever considered moving to a discount brokerage? Worried about making less commission by year's end? You might be surprised to find out that a discount brokerage can actually increase your bottom line!

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Increased Volume

  • You're a great real estate agent right?
  • You work really hard and you get things done right?
  • Once people contact you, you almost never lose them as a client right?

Let's just say that you are a pretty likeable person and a pretty awesome real estate agent... When you have the chance to speak with people, most of them end up choosing you as their agent!

So your issue isn't about landing the business, it's more a problem of attracting that initial call. If the phone rings or you get an email, you know you can turn that into business. The problem is when the phone doesn't ring and the inbox isn't filling up. If there's nobody to speak to, then it doesn't really matter how great you are. You need volume!

Full-commission real estate brokerages have been around for a very long time. They spend a fortune on marketing and they recoup those costs by charging their agents high brokerage fees. Meanwhile people are frustrated with paying full commission and are jumping to services like Purple Bricks and 2% Realty and various other discount brokerages. Full-commission brokerages have no desire to change their pricing model that has worked for decades and they encourage their agents to tell people "you get what you pay for" and that discount brokerages aren't any good. While this message is noble, it's simply not working. These discount brokerages are on pace to eventually dwarf the long standing full-commission brands we all know so well.

In this day and age companies like Amazon, Costco and Walmart have shown precisely why volume matters. We are seeing this trend in every industry. Agents that recognize the importance of increasing the volume of people they deal with will ultimately be the ones that can remain in the industry for the long haul.

Companies like Purple Bricks and 2% Realty are growing at an unbelievable rate and they don't even need to advertise. Their discount pricing model is so attractive that the word spreads quickly without the mass advertising you would expect. By joining our team you will attract more business by offering discount rates. You will speak to more people and your network will expand larger every year. Our brokerage has substantially lower brokerage fees, which means that you will keep a larger portion of commissions. With Red Triangle Realty, you will be able to market yourself in a segment that is largely untapped right now... You can market yourself as personalized service at discount prices for all those people that don't want to pay full commission but are also scared of getting assigned to an agent that is an underachiever.

Give us a shout today to see if our model aligns nicely with your own beliefs!

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