Selling Your Home?

If you are anything like I was before I became a real estate agent, you probably find real estate fees and commissions a bit on the confusing side. There's this percentage for the first $100K, then another percentage for the balance, then there's a portion that goes to this brokerage and a portion that goes to that brokerage. Then you have legal fees and other little unknown fees.

People understand the importance of shopping for the best mortgage rate, but they don't give as much attention to shopping for the best real estate agent. This is unfortunate because in most cases people would actually save thousands more than what they saved shopping mortgage rates.

At Red Triangle Realty we have simplified things so that you can quickly see what kind of savings you will realize...

$3,500 Flat Rate

When you sell a home, there are costs for listing & marketing your home to potential buyers. Typically payment for these services are a percentage of what the home sold for. Big or small... Expensive or not... Everyone deserves an agents' full commitment to sell. The argument that a pricier home costs more to market is really not a fair statement. At Red Triangle Realty, every last home we market gets our full dedicated commitment! This is precisely why we only charge a flat $3,500 fee for our listing services.

$4,500 Savings

On a $400,000 home, our discount will save you around $4,500 based on the 7/3 commission rates commonly charged in Alberta.

​It's important to note that our discount has absolutely NO IMPACT on how much commission is offered to a buyer's agent. Our discount applies only to the marketing side, so the only question to answer is if you feel RED TRIANGLE REALTY can market your home equal or better than other brokerages for a flat $3,500. Many will say that “you get what you pay for”… Can we at least agree that sometimes you are just simply overpaying!

What's Included

Full MLS Exposure

Get full MLS exposure to thousands of real estate agents. Your listing also gets featured on Canada's number one real estate website,

Virtual Tours

The world is forever changed due to Covid-19. Social distancing policies have made actual home tours less common which makes virtual tours almost a mandatory aspect when listing a home. Your listing comes complete with a virtual tour, allowing people to view your home anytime. Say goodbye to those random frantic house cleaning sessions only to find out "they didn't really like the layout". People that want an actual tour of your home will have already toured it online, so you know they aren't just kicking the tires!

Professional Photos

Every listing comes with professional photos taken by experienced photographers using the latest in digital camera technology.

High Impact Signage

How important is signage? We believe it's crucially important... In fact, we even branded our company around our signature Red Triangle Snip Signs!

Every listing gets at least one snip sign located prominently on a window, door or garage bay. Ever notice how stores use RED whenever they advertise a sale... Our minds have been programmed since birth to associate red with "sale"... All of our signage has bright red aspects and our triangle snip signs practically scream at you when you drive by!

Top Notch Agents

In today's technology driven world, what is one thing you want from a human that you cannot get from a computer? This may sound strange, but often it comes down to immediate availability. At Red Triangle Realty we aim to answer texts, calls and emails as quickly as possible.

We are driven, dedicated and tenacious agents and we make it our mission to be at your service pretty much right at the very moment you need us!


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